From flood to fire, accident to event, sUAS solutions from Yuneec allow journalists to climb above the crowd and capture the moment from an interesting, captivating, and informative point of view.

Tell stories from a new perspective

Yuneec sUAS, paired with either the E50, E90, or CGO4 imaging platforms, are ideal for broadcast/production. With an HDMI output port delivering a 4:2:2 720 video stream from the ST16S Ground Station, distribution of video may be achieved in many ways ranging from connection to a cell network, direct cable-coupling with a broadcast truck, or feeding a video village via an HDMI splitter. Yuneec sUAS record a redundant stream with one file recorded on the sUAS and the other recorded in 720P on the ST16S Ground Station. Yuneec sUAS may be ground-tethered for constant power, allowing the sUAS to remain on-station for long periods of time, allowing for timelapse, constant feed in temporary gatherings, or as a portable fixed-camera solution.

Production frequently requires planned and repeatable shots. The ST16S controller not only allows for pre-planning; shots and movement may also be stored and recalled for additional takes, confidently being able to repeat a series of complex movements.