Video production continues to evolve as budgets and timelines shrink. The Yuneec H520 offers the ability to create repeatable, stunning aerial video quickly and efficiently and with hot-swappable cameras, bring powerful, flexible, and creative tools to the digital storyteller. The safety features of the H520 and DataPilot solution provide for confidence on any set.

Cinematic Quality with Automated Precision

Aerial video production necessitates sharp imaging, precise movements, and the ability to shoot a retake quickly. On the production set, every second wasted costs money. The Yuneec H520 allows a producer to pre-plan shots and various aerial video movements which can be easily stored and recalled for additional takes. Need to slightly alter the aerial video movement on location? Recall a pre-planned shot and quickly update the plan onsite with the Yuneec ST16S Ground Station and be flying again within minutes. The Yuneec H520 also offers hot-swappable imaging platforms, the E90 and E50 cameras, offering a variety of views for the digital storyteller. The Yuneec H520 will confidently fly a series of complex movements and for the video producer it offers the difference between getting that extra shot or extra take that makes for a more interesting production piece.