High wind resistance

Even in high-wind environments, the Yuneec H520 UAV system is able to hold position, allowing the solution to fly even when a manned inspection would be deemed unsafe. Exclusive flight speed control offers slowest speed above stall flight for maximum precision in challenging environments. Solar, Cellular, Oil/Gas, Smokestack, and Pylon inspectors will appreciate the speed and quality that Yuneec UAV systems offer.

Retractable landing gear

H520’s landing gear retracts out of the way to give you a continuous 360° view of the world to capture important data in the field. This function also allows smoother and more efficient flight control.

360º global view gimbal

The 360 degree, damped gimbal system allows for manual aiming, or put into a vertical scan mode for re-targeting without adjusting yaw of the UAV. This allows for the smooth scan/pan while the UAV remains in a stable, non-moving hover/loiter.

28 minute flight time

Using an upgraded and more efficient battery platform, H520 will now allow the pilot to stay in flight for up to 28 minutes, depending on the weight of the payload. As an added feature Yuneec UAV may be ground-tethered for constant power, allowing the UAV to remain on-station for long periods of time, allowing for time lapse, constant feed in temporary gatherings, or as a portable fixed-camera solution.