The Mobile SDK is a software development kit created to give developers access and control over the hardware and software components of the Yuneec sUAS platform. The SDK is a powerful tool for developers to tap into the capabilities of the sUAS platform without requiring knowledge of robotics.

Harness the power of Yuneec SDK

The SDK supports Yuneec's commercial line of sUAS. The commercial sUAS systems are compatible with the CGOET and E series of gimbal cameras that include a high-resolution 4K UHD camera, a thermal camera, and integrated 7-element lens camera for commercial applications.

Options at all levels

The SDK abstracts lower-level functionality such as flight stabilization, link communication, sensor management and camera control and provides a simple interface to interact with the many components of the sUAS.

Features of the SDK

Developers have access to a rich set of features of the sUAS platform through the Mobile SDK. Features include access to the flight control, camera, and gimbal systems, real-time telemetry data, waypoint missions, logging, geofencing, and live video stream. Future features will include advanced missions, additional telemetry, Intel RealSense controls, and support for FPV (first-person view) video.

The SDK includes:

  • Library or framework files for importing into iOS/Android projects
  • Software simulation tool (SITL) for the flight stack with hardware models
  • API reference documentation for iOS/Android
  • Sample iOS and Android apps for hardware evaluation
  • Sample code, guides, and tutorials