Site mapping

Precision, quality, and efficiency, the H520 enables informed decision-making, awareness of challenging terrain, and other obstacles to construction.

Detailed data for deep analysis

Traditional pre-construction surveys and site topography may be slow, expensive, and can stand in the way of rapid decision-making processes. With UAV topographic maps and 3D models, stakeholders can visualize, plan, make informed decisions and take decisive action. Autonomous flight allows for repeated flights that may be layered to determine changes in the work site and provide comparisons over time.

Select your subjects with pinpoint accuracy

Paired with the auto-gridding found in the DataPilot software, the Yuneec mapping solution provides efficient mission planning and execution. The resulting data can be evaluated through a variety of post-flight analytic or stitching software tools.

Create 3D scanned models

Quality 3D model scans require balanced/similar lighting conditions to produce the optimum result. Yuneec DataPilot allows pilots to capture nadir (straight down) and oblique images in one mission, saving time, ensuring identical lighting conditions, and enabling faster post-processing as a result. Many other applications require different flights for each function, slowing the process, and introducing changing environmental conditions, making it more difficult to achieve a high-quality result.

Yuneec H520 sUAS System

The H520 Hexacopter aerial system has been developed specifically for commercial use. This sUAS enterprise solution features a proven, stable, long flight time airframe, with multiple payload options and advanced DataPilot mission planning software.

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*Flight time may range from 25-28 minutes based on attached payload weight