Ride the Future


Electrify your life

Ride the future

Meet the newest member of the E-GO series. Featuring a 12mm, eight layered composite wood deck to make it flexible and durable, two riding and speed modes to accommodate any rider, and a 400 watt motor, the E-GO2 possesses all of the qualities you're looking for in an electric longboard.

Royal Wave

Ride for up to 18 miles

The battery pack is located under the deck, and utilizes Yuneec’s latest patented battery technology. The charger allows you to fully recharge the E-GO2 and the controller’s battery in 3 to 5 hours, giving you a maximum riding range of 18 miles (30 kilometers).

Lightweight and compact

At just 13.9 lbs, the E-GO2 is lightweight and portable, convenient for your life on the go.

Wireless Remote Controller

Accelerate or apply the brakes easily with the slide of a knob on the E-GO2's Bluetooth remote controller. Instead of having to focus on pushing, simply enjoy your ride.

E-GO Cruiser App

All-in-one control package for Yuneec E-GO in form of an App that allows you to connect via Bluetooth. Everything you need is right in your hand. Download the iOS or Android app and you’re good to go.